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FIVE PLACES TO FILM ON A BUDGET. {yes, they do exist!}

Written by: Samantha Brewers

Now a days, production companies don't necessarily need their own studio spaces. In cities like Denver, the rental market pretty much speaks for itself on this topic. Luckily, there are plenty of options for a variety of budgets. There's likely more than five, but I can't share all the secrets now, can I?

Whether you're on the hunt for a clean white backdrop for a corporate shoot, a wildly creative set for a music video, or a green screen for just about anything, the perfect production location is waiting for you somewhere in the Denver skyline.


We'll start with the most obvious studio space... an actual studio space. We're seeing tons of new studios popping up all over the city. They're usually tucked away in awesome industrial buildings, so each has a unique feel on the inside. Overall, our experience with these rentals have been great. Well, that sounds easy, you might say. If that's the case, you likely haven't typed "production studio rentals Denver" into that handy search bar. I just did it for the hell of it, and was bombarded with 3,220,000 results. That's how it started for us, and it was definitely a bit overwhelming. That's why we're here to share our favorites so far. After tons of searching, referrals and plain old luck, we stumbled across these gems.

Located at 50th and Lowell, The Headquarters is one of our favorite filming locations in Denver. They have a variety of photography backdrops, and several themed rooms. The space isn't huge, but it's been exactly what we've needed every time. Also, the price isn't gut-wrenching if you're trying to stick to a budget. It's also full of fun props, plants and furniture that you're able to integrate into your set design. Here, we've filmed several music videos as well as a kickstarter video. You can check out a virtual tour on their website to get a better feel for the space.

Music Video // Taliisa - God's Blueprint // The Headquarters // 3606 W 50th Ave, Denver, CO

Raw is another studio we love, where you can really get a bang for your buck. There is a lot of versatility to this space. They offer three options: the main studio, natural light penthouse and a meeting consultation room. Also, the owners are super helpful and friendly, which is always a perk. Our experiences here have been in the main studio, which is a huge white room (great for all you photographers out there). You likely have your own lighting equipment, but they also have plenty of extra gear to lend a helping hand. We highly recommend this production space.

Product Photography // Rugged Black // RAW Photographic Studio // 3777 Quentin St #105, Denver, CO

So, this is a Denver studio space we've yet to try, but we're DYING to! Hint, hint to anyone interested in booking a shoot with us here. We're in. I believe we came across this studio via Instagram, and were immediately drawn in by their clean industrial look and natural light. With backdrops, moveable walls, a wardrobe station and plenty of extra equipment, they really seem to have it all. Not to mention, they're conveniently located in the heart of downtown Denver. Gas Money, I can almost guarantee we'll make an appearance someday.

Gas Money Studios // 3300 Walnut St UNIT 119, Denver, CO

Speaking of hidden gems, Peerspace is crawling with them. From traditional studio spaces, to theaters, to local bars... you name it, it's probably on Peerspace. In our experience, although they're generally a bit pricier, they're worth every penny. We highly suggest scanning the reviews to make sure that's a general consensus for the space you're considering. To our surprise, our last rental was actually a bar we've been to! If you're familiar with Globeville's Fort Greene, you'll be just as excited as we were to find this one. If you do book here, make sure to lock the doors so the neighbors don't try to pop in for a quick drink.

Music Video // D. Cure - End of Me // Peerspace - Fort Greene // 321 E 45th Ave, Denver, CO


When you think AirBnB, you probably jump straight to vacation-mode. Think again. Similar to Peerspace, AirBnB is also a great resource to use if you're looking for a unique video or photography space in Denver. Having the option for multiple rooms and sets opens up a multitude of opportunity for creativity. Just make sure you get the OK from your host first! Our friend D. Cure is always up for finding awesome new locations for us to film his music videos. He gets credit for this one.

Music Video // D. Cure - Home // AirBnB - Denver


This takes you outside of Denver, which may fall out of the realm of this list, but I think it's the most obvious. We're in Colorado! Nature gave us a pretty sweet backdrop right in our back yard. If you're shooting anything outdoorsy, consider location scouting on your next hike in the mountains. Our friend Phie got the idea for this music video on a hike with her family. The song is called Wildflowers, and what better place to film than in a meadow full of wildflowers? Unfortunately, the first frost had other plans for us (and the wildflowers...), but we were still psyched with the turnout. We also ended up at the wrong trailhead, missing the best light, but you know what, no shoot is ever perfect. All in all, you really can't go wrong if you're using the Rocky Mountains as a set. I do warn you, though, lugging your gear up steep inclines will NOT be easy. But, I promise it's worth the struggle.

Music Video // Phie - Wildflowers // Fourth of July Trail - Nederland, CO


There's no guarantee you'll get the yes, but the city of Denver is a world of possibility as far as production locations. If you know of a place that could be perfect for a shoot, get in touch with the owner to see if they'd be up for it. You could propose filming after-hours, or including a "special thanks" in your credits. The worst you can get is a no. We were filming a run and gun video once, and happened upon a bar that was ideal for the scene we were shooting. We popped in and asked if we could quickly shoot the scene, and they had no problem with it. It turned out, that was exactly what we needed for the video. Isn't always that perfect of a scenario, but it's definitely worth the ask. The branding video featured below was filmed at a local park. Resources are all around you in the city.

There you have it, our budget-friendly advice on places to film in Denver. We hope this offered you some helpful guidance, and that your next shoot is a great success!

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