Meet The Team

meet the team

Johnny Brewers of Homefield Productions.

Johnny Brewers

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Being the third brother of four, sports and competition always have, and always will be a major part of my life. As my lofty dream of being a professional athlete quickly slipped out of reach, I began searching for a way to keep sports a part of my professional career.

After arriving at Indiana University in 2011, I found the media school and fell in love with video production. I started working with the Big Ten Network in 2012, which allowed me to work directly with my all-time favorite team; the Indiana Hoosiers.

I launched Homefield Productions in the fall of 2014, just as I moved from Indiana to Colorado. Working for NBC Sports in the Olympic department from 2014 to 2018 gave me the opportunity to work two Olympics in Rio and Pyeongchang. All of this experience developed strong story-telling skills, along with an efficient and effective workflow.

I love to use the beautiful landscape in Colorado to produce stunning visuals, and perfect my craft.  Creating videos is a job, an art, and a hobby all wrapped in one.  I love what I do, and with my creativity and passion combined, I will continue to produce videos that will bring anybody's ideas to life.

Samantha Brewers of Homefield Productions.

samantha Brewers

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Samantha was part of the last graduating class of Indiana University’s world renowned Ernie Pyle school of Journalism. She has been finding ways to develop stories for years. Whether with words or photographs, Samantha has a way of telling every story in a unique way.


After college Samantha and Johnny moved to Colorado where she began working with Denver Style Magazine. While working with Denver Style Samantha created great relationships, and perfected her craft of telling the various stories that each brand wishes to portray. Along with her Denver Style work, Samantha has worked as the merchandise photographer and marketing content creator for one of Cherry Creek’s most respected boutiques, Lawrence Covell. 


At Homefield, Samantha is a utility player. She has expertise in social media, knows her way around a camera, and can work a variety of softwares in the post production process. Her attention to detail, and passion for every project she touches keeps us aimed at perfection.

Sam Densford of Homefield Productions.



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I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, an artistic college town in the heart of the
Midwest. I was incredibly fortunate to have grown up in a place that fosters
creativity and produces insanely talented artists. My hometown’s culture had a
pervasive influence on me from a young age and played a major role in deciding who
I wanted to be as a person, an artist and a business owner; hard-working, honest
and capable of bringing a unique perspective to my work.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to build my dream into a career here in
Denver. The artists and businesses we are able to work with are a continuous source
of inspiration for me and I can imagine no better professional environment than one
where I am surrounded by limitless talent and ingenuity. I have been both behind
the camera and behind the scenes of productions for over 10 years since cutting my 
teeth professionally at Indiana University.

The work I do at Homefield offers new challenges everyday and motivates me to
strive for greatness and constant self-improvement. This work also provides me the opportunity to showcase the amazing things people are doing in their communities
and the world. I look forward to many more years of bringing people’s visions to life.